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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: CloudRunner
Alright, just wanted to make sure. :thumbup:

Did the custom install of clover exactly like in the forum post, but still same boot0af error. :(

Any other thoughts or ideas??


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by: Norton287
One thing that post missed was instead of picking sata you want to pick CloverEFI 64-bits BiosBlockIO like in the attached pic:
clover selection.jpeg
clover selection.jpeg (84.28 KiB) Viewed 669 times
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by: CloudRunner
Cool. Changed that installation setting to CloverEFI 64-bits BiosBlockIO. Still same error though. I'll also mention that there is other content on this hard drive containing the macOS partition. Might this be causing the issue? Other suggestions? :crazy:
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by: Norton287
That should have fixed it, I've never run OSX from a partition before, lemme research this some more and see what I can come up with.
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Ok try this forum post pay attention to commands and order given:
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by: CloudRunner
Success! I went through that link following the directions carefully and am now able to boot straight from the macOS hard drive partition without receiving the boot1h error. I'll continue doing some fine-tuning, but it looks like I have a functional AMD Hackintosh! Thanks for your assistance @Norton287, @vitorlage, and @Shaneee!
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by: lucasmoe22
@Norton287, okay so i followed all of the steps in your video and everything is running great except for one thing and that is that i don't think it is registering the graphics card. when i look at about this mac, it says graphics: display 7 mb. and the that is causing the apple logo in the top left to be missing, other buttons to be green and yellow bars, and is bogging down just about any screen you go to. i need help!
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by: vitorlage
@Hdyehhdjsg, What's your motherboard?
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@lucasmoe22, With Clover, under Devices and Fake ID use 0x68101002, then under System Parameters , inject kexts Yes.
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