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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: saiko_mizuki
Hi folks,
First of all, i apologize for my silly request, because i am new member in here forum.
I found this forum first from youtube video that i watch (Ryzen Hackintosh) and my machine always AMD based so long but with dream use macOS :D (i've MBP literally)
Finally, after explore this forum about 2-3 days I decided to install Hackintosh on my system (signature). Thanks so much to all developers and people that make this happen!

If it is like the image below proceed to Installation, otherwise get the kernels and the script post.sh from here: download/file.php?id=2246
My request is, anyone want to help me give the files (on the spoiler)? I can not open the page because not authorized hehe
Use "firefox send" and pm me for the link if privacy became the matters.
Thank you very much


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by: kanumandla26
@vitorlage, Hi I was just following your guide and I am confused on the part after using transmac. I formatted the lexar 16gb usb I have and now I have "two drives" a EFI (E:) drive and a unrecognized USB Drive (F:), please refer to the pictures. Now how do I check to make sure I have all of the files needed in the USB drive preperation step

thank you
Capture5.PNG (44.81 KiB) Viewed 1006 times
Capture4.PNG (18.45 KiB) Viewed 1006 times
Capture3.PNG (14.32 KiB) Viewed 1006 times
Capture2.PNG (4.89 KiB) Viewed 1006 times
Capture.PNG (14.53 KiB) Viewed 1006 times
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by: Sundhar88
@kanumandla26, You can check through transmac.
Windows cannot read HFS+ file systems, but it can read EFI (if mounted)
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by: wesspessotto
Hi, I need help with post install
After install Clover and configure the files I can`t boot without USB, sometime I have this
IMG_20170825_185602361_HDR.jpg (3.69 MiB) Viewed 991 times
or this
IMG_20170825_183151459.jpg (2.47 MiB) Viewed 991 times
(After this my system is shut down)

Here the Clover config
(4.93 KiB) Downloaded 33 times
Also I really can`t make the Nvidia Drive work, I have a 400 Series, drive install but not working, there is a noise in background too.
PS. Windows 10 is installed in other drive

AMD Ryzen 5 1600
MB: MSI X370 Pro Series
16Gb RAM (Corsair 2x 8)
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by: kanumandla26
So I finshed all of the installation steps and have encountered an issue. I just finished installing clover changed the config and installed the nvdia drivers. The pic restarted and when I got to the boot menu...
IMG_0006.JPG (1.03 MiB) Viewed 987 times
Mac OS is installed on my secondary hard drive or sata 2
If I boot through the UEFI OS (P1: ST3500...) I go to clover and then boot macOS. The usual stuff runs and right after the lines of code run especially the Kext utility ones the monitor goes to sleep. The computer is still on but the monitor is not detecting any signal. I tried this many times and the same issue. The hdmi cable is all good to.

When I boot SATA 2: ST3500312CS it boots as if I am running the flash drive that was used to boot the first few times. It's not working

What am I supposed to do I tried re-installing everything and I a, still stuck in the same spot?
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by: amdpujmac
Would this SierraAMD compatible with my notebook? I've tried to boot Niresh Sierra Zone on my notebook with any boot flag defined on Niresh's website but the notebook's internal keyboard wasn't detected at all so I couldn't select any options when Darwin boot screen appears :(

These are the notebook's specs:
Asus X555YA
AMD A6-7310 2GHz APU
AMD Radeon R4 dedicated graphics
15.6" LCD screen
Standard Asus keyboard with NumPad

I'm looking forward for your help, thanks a lot...
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by: kanumandla26

If those specs were for a pc you would have been fine. For laptops you can install and run this sierra v4 macOS and it will run.However, the amdOS doesn't detect the GPU correctly and GPU acceleration gets turned off. Like Shaneee said in the linked post it would be like using Mac while in windows safe mode view.
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by: frle10
Is it normal if I don't have the Extra folder in my USB after formatting it with Mac OS image? It feels like it's there for everyone but I just don't see it anywhere.
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by: Shaneee
It the Enoch build of SierraAMD the Extra folder is on the EFI partition.
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