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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: liptoncoffee
After rebooting my computer and loading clover up from my USB, whenever I try to hit enter and load up my drive, I'll just get a bunch of pluses and my computer will restart. How can I fix this?


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by: angelb123
Hey, I cannot download the kernel. It says I am not authorized. Thanks in advance!
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by: charly.macho
Hi , Thanks a lot for sharing your work

I have a problem following your guide. When I try to download kernel and shell scrips at the address posted:


It simple insists in telling me I am not allowed to download that file (Although I am logged right)
Can you please help
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by: Norton287
I'll PM Shaneee and see if the files still exist, if they do I'll relink it.
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Check the first post again I updated it with new download links
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by: Norton287
Need your motherboard to figure out what kext you need for the LAN
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by: davox1313
My first attempt with this on A10 5800k. Wasn't smooth. The installer wouldn't boot. Leading me to using boot flags: -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No AtiConfig=Pitcairn AtiPorts=4. After that I ran the installer worked as expected. When I got to the post install I ran into some strange things. Following the commands I ended up not being able to find "kernel" the only files close that on the provided image was kernel-fx or kernel-ryzen. I have an fm processor. So I attempted it with the fx file. Finished the rest of the commands. Ended with errors. Any guidance? Please and thanks in advance.
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by: Marcyvee
First of all, thanks! :clap:
Than, can we follow this steps with the high sierra downloadable in the download section? Or it misses something, such as kernel or other stuff?

And another question: what happen if I try to install this image without mount the gtx 650? With only the integrated gpu of the ryzen 5 2400g? :?:
Thanks again
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Hi. I follow this tutorial yesterday but, after successfully installed sierra v4 on an hard disk, I can't boot from that: post install I put the kernel-ryzen file in kernel folder and then, rename it in "kernel" from terminal, because I haven't copy the attached kernel to the end of the OP in the USB drive before the installation. May I have to rebuild the cache?
Actually I can only boot from hard disk in safe mode, so I can't install clover to made it bootable and the usb WiFi dongle doesn't work...
Now I can try to boot with the kernel-fx or the attached kernel at the end of the OP... What do you think?
Is there another image more suitable for my hardware??
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