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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: vitorlage
@ssen8, It will be a breeze.
Now that you have Clover installed and NvidiaWeb Drivers just download Clover Configurator Vibrant Edition (google it, if you haven't done it yet).
Open Clover Configurator and mount EFI partition and open it, inside goto EFI/CLOVER, there you have config.plist, replace with this. Now restart and it should work.

NOTE: Since you installed SierrAMDv4 and has you already know the script/path is wrong AND the kernel is mostly for Ryzen processors, Iadvise you to replace the kernel with the one from the Downloads section.
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by: 丿绪丨灬
How can I open the system disk after installation, I use u disk guide, but will restart, which is why? :( :( :( :( :(
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by: Shaneee
@丿绪丨灬, You need to perform the post install :thumbup:
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by: Shaneee
Shaneee wrote: SierraAMD Post Install Tutorial

Thank you for choosing the AMD OS X SierraAMD Image for use with Windows. In this short tutorial I will show you how to perform the post install steps to get the installed System booting. You might want to print this out or make some notes.

Once the install is complete the first thing you need to do is open Terminal from within the installer from the utilities menu within the menu bar. Now enter the PostInstall folder on the USB.

cd /Volumes/SierraAMD/PostInstall

Now you can run the post install script.

sh post.sh

You’ll now be able to boot into the System using the USB bootloader until you’ve install it onto the HDD.

If there are any issues please feel free to post a support message on the forum.

Thanks and Enjoy,

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by: Shaneee
丿绪丨灬 wrote:thank you. I'm ignoring this .
What do you mean?
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by: 丿绪丨灬
I mean I forget your SierraAMD Post Install Tutorial. And my English is poor, so I can't express my mean rightly . i hope you don't mind.
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Can I install it in the partition of the mbr partition table? How can i install it in the mbr partition?
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Can I install it in the partition of the mbr partition table? How can i install it in the mbr partition?
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by: teamgbz
Its get stuck at 34% and not responding after that USB is SANDISK Ultra 16gb tried on both 2.0 on 3.0 port same problem
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by: Shaneee
@丿绪丨灬, Best to install on GUID. To install on MBR you need to make modifications to the installer.

@teamgbz, Does TransMac close or just stay not responding? Just leave it and it should work.
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