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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: Chad
For those who cannot get the Nvidia Web Drivers working with Enoch, you're not alone. That's why I created this tutorial video on how to get Clover running on your AMD hack. Good luck!
My config.plist:
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by: Shaneee
He does explain it as the video plays...
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by: Jordi
shanee you have to make sections in the forum with the correspondent mac version and make sub section, this section need to go in section sierra how to, did someone try this how to, is really work. i have enoch how can i delete enoch and install clover, and if clover fail how to delete clover and return with enoch. can someone put step by step how to install clocer on amd and if clover dont work on amd how to return in enoch and if clover dont work in amd, can someone comment step by step how to make in enoch facetime and imessages.
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by: Shaneee
This isn't Sierra specific at all. Clover works on all versions as does Enoch. It's possible with Enoch too but much, much harder to accomplish. This isn't a tutorial to get iMessage working. This is a simple guide to get Clover booting on AMD. If that's what you need setup look here,
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by: Jordi
i install the latest clover, and clover configurator too copy config that is attached in this topic creator and when i reboot it show my something from the image and after that i had go to boot manager and choose from where to boot from file, after that it show clover gui menu i press enter and acter some loading it stop on the second photo that i show you, some acpicpu or something like that.
20170427_160109.jpg (4.44 MiB) Viewed 801 times
20170427_155852.jpg (2.77 MiB) Viewed 801 times
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by: Shaneee
I haven't found a fix for the ACPICPU timeout yet. It's hard to debug as my system doesn't get it.
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by: Norton287
Every time I try to save my config with clover configurator it say I don't have permissions. Any way to fix this?
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by: Shaneee
Norton287 wrote:Every time I try to save my config with clover configurator it say I don't have permissions. Any way to fix this?
Save it to the Desktop and copy it with Finder.
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