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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: MikeRGDD
Hello. I'm new here, this is my first post so i'm sorry if I didn't posted in the right category.
First of all, many thanks to Shaneee. I found a lot of useful informations on this forum that helped me setup my hackintosh.

I tried to get Sierra installed on my PC (downloaded from the Download section - this is the only setup that allowed my USB to work on install), but after the installation started, it got stuck on extracting base system.pkg or something like this. That file is very small (few kb in size) and it should not take more than a second to install, but...i let it for more than a hour or so and it didn't get past that package.

After spending a whole day trying different ways to solve that issue, i gave up on Sierra and put Yosemite on the USB. It installed just fine. There are still a few gliches that I want to solve.

First one: the sensors are not working proprely. At least not for my CPU. I think it shows the motherboard temperature, because when i rebooted my pc and went to the BIOS, the temp was over 45C (and my hackintosh reported around ~25-30C). I installed HWMonitorSMC with AMD kext (found it on this forum).

Second issue: i don't know if this is a mac issue or my system is just bad at performance, but when i click on Applications folder on the dock (display as a folder, view content as grid) it have some lag. This is not happening when i click on other folders on the dock that have a few files. This is happening where are many files or apps in the folder.

I got that lag also in About this Mac, when i'm changing tabs (Overview, Display, Storage, etc) and it's resizing window.
Again, i don't know if this is a mac issue or my system is just bad...but it's annoying. I want that annimation to be smooth.

Third issue: I tried to play an 1080p mkv movie in VLC and it stutterd. Opened it in another player, it worked perfectly. 720p works fine in VLC. Dunno why is that.

Also, the system boots very slow. Like really, really slow. It took over a minute to boot (compared to Windows where it boots in less than 10 seconds). Is there a fix for that ?

I don't know if this helps, but this is my system i'm running Yosemite now:
- 8GB RAM 1866MHz
- AMD FX 6100 (6 cores) @ 3.1GHz
- NVidia GTX 750 TI with web driver and CUDA installed
- Motherboard: AsRock 960GM-VGS3 FX
- OS X Version: 10.10.1
- OS X running on SSD

I want to mention that, besides that graphic gliches, at least for now, the system is very smooth in rest.


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by: Shaneee
Lets start with the graphics. Did you install the Nvidia web drivers?
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by: Shaneee
Which SMBios is being used? You can try with this one,
(500 Bytes) Downloaded 21 times
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by: Shaneee
Is the mouse still visible when the screen goes black?
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by: MikeRGDD
Nope. I have no image at all with iMac14,2 - the monitor doesn't get any signal.

I just tried to record a video of the lag issue with OBS. The issue dissapared while OBS was running - maybe because it turned off beam sync ? after i closed OBS, the issue was here again
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by: Shaneee
Beam Sync can't be disabled on Sierra. Which GPU port are you using?
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by: MikeRGDD
I don't have Sierra, i said in first post that the installation got stuck. I ended up installing Yosemite (10.10.1).
I'm using the DVI port. My video card have micro-hdmi output port and i don't have a cable/adapter for it.
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by: Shaneee
Ahh my bad. I suggest updating to 10.10.5 then. You'll need to restore the kernel and update the web drivers once updated though.
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