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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: Shaneee
Did the sound output work before? Also are you using HDMI for audio?


Sound output was working before yeah. I am using "Green (Rear)" for audio.

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by: Shaneee
Ok install the previous version of the kext and download the pref pane from this post. This allows you to change the settings of the kext,
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Thank you Shaneee, all that was needed was Input Gain to be completely off then iMix to be all the way up.
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by: Shaneee
Ok if it doesn't save the settings on reboot you can hardcode the settings into the kext.
How would I do that?

Also that ethernet kext you sent me is extremely old lol and it doesn't work :/
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by: Shaneee
Put the kext on your Desktop then right click and Show contents. Then in the Contents folder modify the iGain and iMix settings within Info.plist. Save the file and install with Kext Utility.

Did it install correctly? It should still work on Yosemite.
I can't be any more sure it installed correctly thank looking at the Extensions folder and finding the kext there.
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by: Shaneee
Check if it's loaded with this command in Terminal. It show the loaded non Apple kext,
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kextstat | grep -v com.apple
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