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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: Meta_KnightX
So yes! I've got all the basics down! But there are some small stuff that will haunt me, and I'm hoping these can be fixed.

1) Everytime I startup my Hackintosh, the audio appears to copy the sounds from my mic into my headphones. Although, I temporary found a solution by replugging in my mic (which doesn't allow the mic to work anymore) I still would like a fix from this

2) Internet randomly shuts down on me.. So I'm just using the internet and then all of a sudden, everything stops working, when I look at the settings, it says "Not Connected" which is strange. I have to restart to have it work again.

3) Sleep. I only had experienced this once. My computer was fussing with me when I was trying to turn it back on. The monitors would not turn on, eventually my computer seemed like it turned off, but when I pressed something on my keyboard, the monitor actually appeared again. I tried typing in my password but none of my USBs were working, so it slept again because nothing was being inputted, I had ended up restarting my PC.

Less Important:

1) Can the bootup process load at 1080p? And to spice it up, boot with white apple and dark background?

2) My DVD drive keeps revving up randomly like it's looking for a disc, is there a way to prevent that?

3) Can I change the Spinning Wheel to the El Cap/Sierra one? If so, how?


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by: congky
1. maybe, if your VESA video modes support it, enter ?video at booting to see your vesa information, and for black screen white apple logo, just reinstall enoch and pick customize there's an option for that (i forgot the name).
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by: Shaneee
Upload the VoodooHDA kext you used and I'll modify the settings to try fix that issue.

Remove the Ethernet kext you've got installed and try with this package,
Code: Select all

Sleep on AMD is very temperamental. It either works or it doesn't I'm afraid.

Upload the org.chameleon.Boot.plist and I'll add some values for booting. I'll need to look into the DVD drive issue. Not sure about modifying the beachball. I can't seem to find the resource file for it.
-Here is uploaded files you requested:
Code: Select all
-I will have to try the Realtek kext when I get the chance.
-I just turned off Sleep Mode so that can be prevented. I still have screen sleep mode on assuming that only displays -nothing to the screens.
-The DVD drive problem is kinda just there and I get worried every time I hear it. I always have to tell myself "It's just the DVD drive, it's just the DVD drive..".
-I can try to do research and find the files hopefully for beachball.
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by: Shaneee
Do you want it to auto boot into OS X? Also what is the resolution you are using? I'll set that too.
I would like it to autoboot if it's a countdown because you never know if something could break lol.

I have 2 1920x1080 monitors, so hopefully that would work fine with two monitors, having one only have the booting screen.
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by: Shaneee
There's no countdown but pressing F8 at boot shows the Enoch screen ;)
(165.87 KiB) Downloaded 15 times
(1.22 KiB) Downloaded 21 times
Alright, thanks, I will have to test these Sunday and Monday, I don't time right now I have to go. So cya!
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by: Shaneee
Keep me updated :thumbup: You can add a CPU temp kext too if you want when you are ready.
Dark mode in 1080 works! It still mirrors the screen but I don't think I can ask more. Dark mode boot seems to give out a weird brownish look to it though.
Not sure if it's my monitor or not.

Anyways your modified VoodooHDA does not seem to output any sound. It still has the settings there, but does not output sound.

I have not tested anything else.
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