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Development and testing of modified XNU Kernels for AMD CPUs on OS X

I'm looking more and more into jumping into the AMD-Hackintosh ship. It's an incredible job you're doing here.
But before doing so, I have a question: How are the modifications on the Kernel designed / tested?

What I mean by that is: When checking the code on github, I was expecting to see:
  1. The base code of the Kernel, imported from Apple
  2. Some commits with minor modifications to make it compatible with the AMD CPU
However, we I did see was: The base code of the Kernel . . . . and a hell of a lot of modifications. Incredibly more than I expected. So I'm wondering, where is the source of these modifications? Are they imported / inspired by some kernel supporting AMD? Are they all designed from scratch (that would be frankly astonishing)?

The reason I'm asking this is that whenever I modify something on my work machine, I like to know as much as possible where it's coming from. So that I can fix problem more easily and not impair my productivity too much. I can't code Kernels so I accept there's a part I won't understand. But I wasn't expecting that part to be so huge, and since the user base of AMD Hackintosh user is extremely reduced (compared to OSX users) I'd like to know if all these modifications come from or are inspired by another Kernel.

And if not, if everything is designed from scratch... then first, wow, this is incredible I can't believe people spent time to do that! But then in that particular scenario, it'd raise the question: How do you test all these changes?

Regardless of the answer, I was impressed by the amount of work, and, given I choose to go the Ryzen route, will be glad to donate to the project.

Thanks again for the great work :)


Kernel is based on XNU https://opensource.apple.com. Mods for AMD are added on top of that to make the os boot. Everything is there. https://github.com/Shaneee92/AMD-High-Sierra-XNU

Thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately, it doesn't answer my original question. I am very aware of the code being on Github, I mentioned it in my message. My question was in relation with how the code that's been added in the repo was conceived and tested?

If I understood how the modifications were designed, as well as how they are tested, I could assess much more accurately whether or not the kernel seems stable enough for my use case. I eventually opted out of going AMD for my build, I do believe however it still is a valid question for newcomers assessing if they should switch to AMD :)

In any case, as I mentioned in my original message: Great Work!
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