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Development and testing of modified XNU Kernels for AMD CPUs on OS X
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by: ithasryzen1600
Hi guys,

so I've successfully installed OS 10.12.6 on my system and everything is running fairly stable.
I've encountered a problem using the PrelinkedKernel.
Leaving the PrelinkedKernel on my Harddrive leads to the "error loading Kernel Cache" error while booting.

If I boot into the USB Flash Drive i used for installing and open Terminal, I can delete the PrelinkedKernel file from my Harddrive in "macOS/System/Library/PrelinkedKernel" by hand. After this I am able to boot from my Harddrive again without a problem.

The PrelinkedKernel seems to be created while starting AND while shutting down, as I tried to delete the PrelinkedKernel before I shut my system down.

Using the bootflag "UseKernelCache=No" doesn't seem to change anything. :eh:

Trying to create the PrelinkedKernel using Terminal will result in a Kernel ID output and the message "String/URL conversion failed". :problem:
So...a Kernel seems to be created... but there is a problem :thumbup: :crazy:

I am thankful for every input you guys can give, thanks in advance...


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by: Norton287
Run kext utility (it is linked in my signature) it will fix permissions and rebuild the prelinkedkernel properly.
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by: ithasryzen1600
Thanks, i wasnt aware that KextUtility rebuilds the PK ans it surprises me because i use it quite often. I will try
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I managed to fix this problem using OsxAptioFix2Drv.efi in Efi/Efi/Clover/Driver64Uefi and booting without slide=0
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by: Norton287
Glad you got it fixed :thumbup:
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Finishing the post install and using one of the prebuilt configs would have solved it for you:
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by: ithasryzen1600
Thanks for the KextUtility hint. I use the aptiofix2 driver which makes it alot more stable. Creating the PrelinkedKernel with KU works great :thumbup:
now it's a habit to run it in the background before shutdown even if i didn't change anything :lol:
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