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Development and testing of modified XNU Kernels for AMD CPUs on OS X
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by: Shaneee
If you feel like building your own kernel for Sierra or wish to help out with it here is how to build it.

First of all you are going to need Xcode installed. It's in the App Store. Then download the Sierra XNU Preparation from the GitHub link below.. Open up Terminal and drag the build.sh file onto the Terminal window and press Enter. It'll ask for the password to perform the Sudo function.

Once it's done the System will have the required dependencies to build the XNU.

Now you can download the latest Sierra source. As of now it's 10.12.4. Here's the link,
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Put it somewhere for example the desktop and unzip it. Then in Terminal run,
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cd Desktop/xnu-3789.51.2

Now you can apply my patches which are also attached at the bottom of this post. Still in Terminal in the XNU folder run this command. After the < Drag the diff onto the Terminal Window and press enter.
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patch -p1 < 

This will apply the patches onto the source. You are now free to tinker with the source code. Once ready to build run this in Terminal,
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If it completes successfully the built kernel will be in BUILD/obj/RELEASE_X86_64/

GitHub Link:
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  • Script added to GitHub.
  • dtrace updated.
  • AvailablityVersions updated.
  • Libdispatch updated.
  • Diff updated.
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by: Ackados
From what I'm told, you need X Code, or at least Mac OS X. I'm going to see if I can getting on working on Windows too.
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by: Shaneee
As far as I'm aware running from OS X is required. Xcode and the dependencies are a requirement.
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by: Ackados
Could be correct. I did try installing Cygwin on Windows and it didn't work, and I think you do need OS X. Maybe on Linux.
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by: BlazeThunderkush
Ackados wrote:Could be correct. I did try installing Cygwin on Windows and it didn't work, and I think you do need OS X. Maybe on Linux.
I'm afraid it requires an OSX Environment and Xcode for Apple's Clang. Plus i have no idea if there are cross compilers for xnu executables. More info: i found this helper tool which works very well
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, you can switch SDK's (ive been able to build vanilla-xnu kernel using older sdk's) in case of problems installing binaries usingf Shaneee's script should fix that. Also i'm working on doing a proper merge of xnu kernel with full commits tree
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. I recommend this tools, because everything goes to /usr/local instead of system wide, because i dont want to risk breaking the system :) I broke bash and c library once and had to do refresh install :)

I need to modify your script so it won't install deps system-wide, or better, make a package installing deps and deps deps using either
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or use
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because im familar with portage. Also, i need to study this linux patch
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Also i reccomend this tool
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and this arm port
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This weekend im gonna meld a x86 tree an arm tree and hackintosh tree of version 10.9 to have lowest common denominator
We're dealing with a POSIX kernel that follows design and programming patterns, so i gues freebsd kernel should be analyzed to see where is the easiest to port modules and amd opcode. We may even need to patch clang for that :D
edit: forum bug on chrome @ yosemite :)
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by: Shaneee
The builder script won't break your system. I tested it on multiple installs to be sure. I have the xnu on github just haven't got round to adding all the commits.
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by: BlazeThunderkush
Shaneee wrote:The builder script won't break your system. I tested it on multiple installs to be sure. I have the xnu on github just haven't got round to adding all the commits.
I'm sorry if you got me wrong, your script is fine, i broke the c runtime on my own :) it's just i'm terribly picky when it comes to "make instal" style installation, on every server i'm guarding there's no single file in the system tree that's not managed by package manager, and everything done with "make" goes either to /usr/local or /opt
Cheers, this weekend it's gonna be me and xnu. Death by xnu xnu :)
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by: Shaneee
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