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by: mwtiller
I could really use another pair of eyes on the issue that I am having trying to install 10.8 Mountain Lion on an ESXi 6.0 server running on a MSI 760GM-P34 MOBO with a AMD FX-8350 processor, 8gb ram.

Initially during boot it would hang at the Apple logo and never even show the the progress wheel. I generated a new iso using the myHack app then replaced the mach_kernel with the one from this site and added the FakeSMC.kext.

Now the progress wheel comes up and starts spinning, but then the Apple logo changes to the no entry symbol (circle with a line through it) and I can't seem to get past that point. In the logs when the symbol appears, I see this message:

2017-10-25T22:48:02.470Z| vcpu-0| I120: CDROM ide1:0: CMD 0x5a (MODE SENSE(10)) FAILED (key 0x5 asc 0x24 ascq 0)

There are a few other "failed" lines throughout the log and I'm not sure which ones are critical and which ones aren't, plus I have searched this site for 2 days and can't find reference to any of these failed messages.

Would appreciate any input as to what may be wrong..
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by: Norton287
Make sure the virtual drives are set to sata in the VM
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