macOS Catalina is on AMD

For the first time in AMD hackintosh history, AMD patches for macOS were released the same day as the OS. This is purely down to Algrey utilizing the Mask kernel patching feature offered by OpenCore. Patches below for OpenCore are for version 0.5.0 only.

Clover has now adopted the same feature allowing AMD users running macOS to update with ease. To achieve this you’ll need Clover r5095 or higher from here.

Below you’ll find the updated patches which allow a smooth upgrade to macOS Catalina.

Depending on the SMBios you choose the system may panic on AppleMCEReporter. To fix this simply inject this kext,

Again if the system fails to boot your system may be reporting an EC device. Simply load this SSDT to fix that,

6 Replies to “macOS Catalina is on AMD”

      1. Hi, is there a relevant guide for open core installation and how to properly patch the config file? I can’t seem to get it to boot properly, always getting a random seed error.

        Thank you!

  1. I’m still really new to hackintosh, i’ve tried multiple times and i’m not sure if I am making a minor mistake that stops everything from working. I’m on a Ryzen 1700x, Vega 64 with an NVME Primary SSD. I’ve tried in the past using the nvme as a boot drive with MacOS but apparently it wasn’t supported at the time so I tried a standard sata SSD.

    If I want to create a partition for a Hackintosh would I be okay using the Catalina build here; Or would I need to start with something else then upgrade. Is there anything to be worried about with previous clover on other partitions? Is there a definitive guide to using AMD OSX that I have been poorly overlooking all this time?

  2. GREAT and THANKS!

    I’ve trouble to change the CPU name at Apple system info where yours shows Ryzen 5 3600. Could you link a guide? Changing appleinfo….kext and string file edig wont work for me or I did it wrong.

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